B-17 and B-25 Bombers depart Penticton

B17 bomber at YYF

The B-17 and B-25 Bombers, which were stationed at Penticton Airport for a week of ground and flight tours, have now departed YYF for Victoria, before returning to the United States. 

The event was sponsored by the Penticton Flying Club and attracted visitors from all over Canada. 

The B-17 Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey is one of only five currently flying in the world out of more than 12,000 built for combat during the Second World War. It’s the leading exhibition warbird of the tour, conducted by CAF Airbase Arizona, a non-profit flying museum. 

The B-25 proved to be one of the most versatile aircraft of the Second World War. This aircraft, which has been meticulously restored, is one of 34 still flying out of the nearly 10,000 produced. 

B-17 bomber at YYF


About the B-17G Bomber 

  • The Flying Fortress “Sentimental Journey” was built in November 1944.
  • The aircraft was known as a strategic weapon because it was a potent, high-flying, long-range bomber that could defend itself. It was nicknamed the “flying fortress” due to its ability to suffer extensive battle damage and still return home.
  • The B-17 was developed and produced by Boeing, Douglas and Lockheed, and used in every theater of war from 1941 to 1945.
  • The “Sentimental Journey” was originally manufactured and delivered to the U.S. Army Air Forces for war service in 1944, where she flew missions in the Pacific Theater. 
  • After the war she flew for training, testing and at-sea rescue missions and was eventually sold for surplus and used as a fire bomber. 
B-17 bomber cockpit
B-17 bomber

Download: B-17 Fact Sheet


About the B-25J Bomber 

  • Built in early 1944. 
  • The B-25 aircraft was named in honour of General Billy Mitchell, who is recognized as the father of strategic bombing. 
  • Used mainly as a low altitude strafe and skip bomber, it was used in America’s first large-scale bombing offensive in the Philippines – sunk 8 ships and shot down 5 planes. 
  • Most remembered for the Doolittle Raid on Japan, where Jimmy Doolittle led 16 B-25’s across Japan bombing targets. 
  • Developed by North American Aviation. 

Download: B-25 Fact Sheet   

B25: Flying Legends of Victory Tour


About the Flying Legends of Victory Tour 

The Flying Legends of Victory Tour is conducted by CAF Airbase Arizona, a non-profit flying museum, and a unit of the Commemorative Air Force. The fully restored B-17 and B-25 Bombers are touring cities throughout North America this summer. For more details, visit their website. 


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