Proof of vaccination no longer required but don’t forget your mask

Departure Terminal

While proof of vaccination is no longer required to board a flight in Canada, face masks are still required for the entire journey, except periods while eating, drinking, or taking oral medication, or unless otherwise exempt. These exemptions include:

  •  children under 6 years old
  •  people who are unable to remove the mask without assistance
  •  people who provide a medical certificate certifying that they are unable to wear a face mask for a medical reason

Vaccination requirements are suspended

Proof of vaccination is no longer required to board a plane or train in Canada.
The Transport Canada National Interest Exemption Program has also been suspended.


Requirements to board

To board your flight or train you must:

  •     have no signs or symptoms of COVID-19
  •     wear a mask throughout your journey

You can’t board a flight or train if you’ve received a positive COVID-19 test result in the last 10 days.
COVID-19 tests: a COVID-19 test result is not needed to board a flight or train in Canada unless you’re flying to a country that requires it.

Visit the Government of Canada’s website for further details