Drones & Airspace Safety

Drone ‘No-Fly Zone’

YYF is a no-fly zone for drones and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) unless you have authorization through a Transport Canada issued Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).

The purpose of Transport Canada’s regulations is to keep the public and our airspace safe. Please visit their website for more information on Drone/UAV Safety. You can also use Transport Canada’s interactive mapping tool to see the areas that require additional caution or are prohibited from drone/UAV flights.

Virtual Aircraft Tracker Map

Visit this Flightrader24 link to view live air traffic mapping around Penticton and B.C.

Kite Surfing on Skaha Lake

Kite surfing is a popular activity on windy days along Skaha Lake. However, please note that kite surfers near Sudbury Beach should not enter the area near the mouth of the Penticton Channel (see the map below), which poses a risk due to the kites being under the flight path of landing aircraft.

Kite Surfing 'No Go' Zone