Plan your visit: Updated flight schedule for August

Penticton Airport departures

Flights change often and can be rescheduled at short notice. The following schedule is provided as a broad overview and will not be adjusted frequently.


Please check with your airline to confirm dates, times and to place your booking. Also view our arrival and departure pages for live updates.


August 2021 Flight Schedule


August Flight Departures


August 2021 flight arrivals


Check with Your Airlines to Confirm and Book


Choose the Penticton Advantage

Penticton Airport is the ideal choice for flying to and from the South Okanagan. We’re quicker and closer to everything this year-round playground has to offer.

  • Direct flights to and from Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Affordable parking at $3 a day.
  • Newly renovated terminal with room to move.
  • 10 minutes’ drive from downtown Penticton.
  • Three carriers plus charter flights.
  • Short lines and quick check-ins.


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