Travelling with pets? Here’s what you need to know

Travelling with pets

We understand that furry friends are part of the family too. The good news is that cats and dogs are welcome on flights to and from Penticton with Air Canada, WestJet, Pacific Coastal and Cascadia Air, providing certain conditions are met.

Tip #1: Contact your airline well in advance of your trip to let them know you’ll be bringing your pet and to find out if you need to do anything before arriving at the airport.

Tip #2: Don’t forget to feed, water and exercise your pet before entering the terminal. If your four-legged companion is travelling in the cabin, you will need an airline-approved, well-ventilated kennel.

Click the links below with your specific airline to plan ahead.


Air Canada

Visit Air Canada’s Pets page for everything you need to know to plan ahead, including advance registration. Dogs assisting customers with disabilities are carried, free of charge, on board at the customer’s feet. Visit the Accessibility page for details.

Cascadia Air

Pets travel free. However, certain flights may have pet restrictions due to the size of the aircraft. To avoid any inconvenience or restrictions, please call before you book your flight. Service dogs with a valid (Canada or U.S.) government-issued service animal permit are exempt. Please contact Cascadia Air at 1-888-607-0055 Ext 405.

Pacific Coastal

Your pet cat or small dog is welcome to fly with you as long as it’s small enough to stand and turn around in its own carrier, placed under the seat in front of you. Visit Pacific Coastal’s pet page for everything you need to know to plan ahead, including advance registration.  Service dogs, certified in writing, are also welcome free of charge. Visit their website for details and to view their handy pet checklists.


Visit WestJet’s Pets page for information about the type of kennel required as well as restrictions, conditions for acceptance, reservations, fees and more. WestJet allows service dogs in the cabin, free of charge. This includes assistance dogs, emotional support dogs and psychiatric dogs. Visit their website for guidelines. Have questions? Contact WestJet for the answers.


Security Screening for Animals

Wondering about the screening and security process for animals at the airport? Learn what to expect on the CATSA website. For more tips, including information about travelling internationally with pets, visit the Government of Canada’s website.


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